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Hello producers!
Bookmark this page for an easy reference to my tagline, bio, and promo photos for current and future shows.
If you require something more specific, please feel free to email me : minxarcana @

Tagline: "The Dark Flame of Desire"

Pronouns: she/her

Short Bio:

Minx Arcana is “The Dark Flame of Desire,” a sultry award-winning burlesque vixen whose signature style infuses sumptuous vintage glamour with hints of noir and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Minx is a core cast member of the (David Lynch-approved!) The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque and co-helmed the nautically-themed Dreamboat Burlesque in Brooklyn. After a ten year career on the New York City burlesque circuit with tours abroad, this international showgirl now calls Montreal home.


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Photographer Credits:

Row 1: Frank Lam
Row 2: Bettina May
Row 3: Frank Lam, Ben Trivett, David L. Byrd
Row 4: Bettina May

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